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well hi i'm valerie and this is a blog i will use to reblog baseball posts and insult people. if you have never seen the episode of yankees on deck in which aj burnett works at cold stone your life is sad. my real blog is linked below.

excuse me john farrell but can you PROVE that none of your players have pine tar shoved up their asses ((except for dustin pedroia his is up his nose)) if gerry davis doesn’t shove his hand up every ass i don’t fucking think so

beth and i have decided that we want gerry davis to shove his fist up john lackey’s ass because he clearly has pine tar there :(((((((

this is literally the dumbest thing i’ve ever seen can we do a full body cavity search on every pitcher before every game now this is going to set a stupid dangerous precedent because it’s not like games need to be any longer jesus fucking christ


Government Watch List

Name: “Mr.” “Met”

Appearance: Tall

Head: Giant Baseball

Weight: Indeterminate

psssssst beth and i are michael’s friends in jersey

when i think about my favorite team i literally go “what is the point of other teams???????????”


#FreeMyNiggaARod: 14/160

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4.7.14 | the core four reunite on opening day for the first pitch

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Mariano Rivera (left) and Andy Pettitte (right) throwing the ceremonial first pitch to Derek Jeter (2) and Jorge Posada

April 7, 2014

Yankee Stadium

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