shut up flash
well hi i'm valerie and this is a blog i will use to reblog baseball posts and insult people. if you have never seen the episode of yankees on deck in which aj burnett works at cold stone your life is sad. my real blog is linked below.

i wasn’t really sure how i felt this morning but then i watched an 105 year old woman throw out the first pitch at the padres game yesterday so i’m pretty sure everything will be all right

dont lie 2 urself joe his name is not jake

shout out to the reds for this win xoxo gossip mccann

i can’t look at the al east standings it makes my head hurt


I’m Mr American Dream since I was 17


Don’t matter if I step on the scene


Or slip away to the Philippines Mexico


They still gon’ put pictures of my derriere in the magazines


You want a piece of me?


You want a piece of me


i think my mom just sick burned paul o’neill she said that listening to him talk is like listening to my uncle paulie

if i can’t marry derek jeter can i at least be adopted by dr and mrs jeter

tbh if i was ichiro i would’ve just climbed into the stands and watched the game from there ja feel like to distance myself from this garbage team

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