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well hi i'm valerie and this is a blog i will use to reblog baseball posts and insult people. if you have never seen the episode of yankees on deck in which aj burnett works at cold stone your life is sad. my real blog is linked below.



fran_cervelli : #realmadrid @sergioramos4oficial thanks for the jersey

Two of my favorite players and teams. Love it!


Eric Chavez has announced his retirement at the age of 36. Chavez is a veteran of 17 seasons in the major leagues, having played with the Athletics, Yankees and D-Backs. He is a 6 time Gold Glove winner and an overall really great guy. He will be missed.

my mom just said that i’ll probably never be the commissioner of baseball smh i’m calling dyfs

kenny just said 420 hahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAH blaze it


pretty sure all of the naysayers want to bang brett gardner after witnessing his sick stroke in texas

i can’t believe that i’m living in a world where yu darvish trash talks brett gardner’s parents but people continue to sleep on brett gardner wake up america


literally i don’t even care if arod ever actually plays baseball again he can become an insurance salesman for all i care but i need him in my life somehow this is necessary i don’t give a fuck


A-Rod doubles, belly-flops into second base, strikes pose.


much like Brett Gardner, everyone is sleeping on Francisco Cervelli


i made a pretty picture